The Weight Loss Drama


It is no news that every other girl these days succumbs under the social pressure of looking a certain way. One kg down and the society tells her she “too thin.” One up and she’s putting herself under the pressure of being fat shamed. Every girl I’ve known has her own way to control her weight diets/ gyms/ skipping meals/fasting/drinking green tea, you name it! Whether it works or not is secondary. However, remember when you starve yourself for five days all you lose is five days, especially when the diet is only for temporary results. So please eat what makes you happy, a good home-cooked meal like your mom would prepare for you. Do remember that once you deprive yourself from carbs and other vital nutrients you crave twice the same once you get a chance.

The best way to control weight gain is to increase your daily activities, just climb those stairs, use the washroom on a different floor at work, drink a lot of water, and walk as much as possible. A few small changes in your lifestyle can give you permanent results. Timing is also very crucial. If you’re having your meals and sleeping at the correct time, it reduces the risk of weight gain. You’re supposed to eat when the gastric juices are produced in your stomach. Before enrolling in any fitness program these are a few simple rules to apply in life. I have achieved my results by first applying these changes in my life. I have lost over 10 kgs this past 1.5 years, and a total of over 20 in the last few years of my life.

You need to accept who you are, and be happy about it. Value everything your life has given you, don’t take it for granted. Once that is done, you would easily understand whether fitness is your priority. Set realistic expectations for yourself. However, do keep in mind that zero is not a size; a curve is also a shape; small tummies look cute and confidence is the new sexy.


Do tune in for more tips and suggestions!! Comments and suggestions are welcome :).


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  1. Pen down of something that you experienced in ur real life always motivates others be it a girl or a boy. The key “confidence” is not achieved by simply day-dreaming about, it is a reward of putting ur whole hearted efforts toward a goal. Appreciate ur hard work. Keep it up.


  2. Madhu says:

    Nice post..what u suggest is valuable..thank u


  3. Mitali says:

    So inspiring Siu! Looking forward to more fitness mantras.


  4. Seema Das says:

    So true.. loved it 😍😘


  5. Devanshi says:

    Loved this! Thanks for sharing. You are truly an inspiration, girl. I saw glimpses of you, working through this and I am still awestruck at your determination.


  6. Rupesh says:

    nice topic. in day today’s life. people are more concerned about their fitness…
    due to busy business or working life, most people of the people like me. don’t think about tomorrow or the benefits of staying fit.. thanks for small small tricks for fitness…


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