Staying Fit This Summer

A lot of us had fitness in our new year resolution, and yet you know what happened. This one is just a reminder for everyone, including myself to get back on track. Or in case your fitness routine is on point, take a high five from me and keep going!
Summer is the best season to shed those unwanted calories. But sometimes we all get that feeling right when we’re about to hit the gym, or when we’re disturbed by our alarm early in the morning, right before leaving for a yoga class and we’re contemplating whether we should go! There’s only one answer to that. Why not?? There was some reason you joined the gym or any other class or put your alarm in the first place.

Everyone needs to find some or the other way to be a healthier person in life, some activity that speaks to them and keeps them going for a long while. But again, for those who are mistaken, the definition of fitness does not equate to weight loss. Fitness only equates to living a healthier life with some activities. If you aren’t living a sedentary lifestyle, that would qualify you to be called fit. So try to live an active lifestyle. No matter how much you workout, if you go back to just sit in that chair all day it won’t help.
The first step to getting into fitness is to figure out how strong you are to keep yourself going, and what would keep you going. Why join a gym and use it for just 2 weeks rather than a dance class that you could go for 3 months. Or why pay money for any class when you can start by following a few workout videos everyday. You need to figure out what suits you best.
The next on your agenda is to keep a check on what you eat. And by that I don’t mean skipping your meals and having salads. I only mean having the right food at the right time. Always prefer home cooked meals over anything else. Our stomach generates gastric juices at certain points of time every day. We need to give ourselves enough food at those points of times. Mostly 4-5 times a day, depending on our hunger. Skipping meals would only cause our bodies to store more fat to sustain. Eating heavier at the day time and lesser at night generally helps.
Apart from that, take a few extra flights of stairs, walk a few extra miles, hold on before eating that second piece of cake and it will benefit you in some way or the other. You may take your breaks every now and then. But most important of all is never give up.
A few summer fitness tips: make best use of the season to burn calories, hydrate very well, include electrolytes wherever you can, try walking around at night, because I know its a pain to go out in scorching heat.  Every small step you take will only get you closer to your goal. Good luck!

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  1. Urvi says:

    Nice Read 😀 Gotta get going…!!! :p


  2. nivesmile says:

    Awesome tips! Very inspiring! Cool pics too 😄


  3. kedawithani says:

    Girl, don’t I know this…. My new year resolution list always starts at no. 2. 1 is always taken every year. Can you guess what that one is… *facepalm* I need to get on this STAT….


    1. Haha! I have taken up that just recently


  4. brencation says:

    Wow love this! Wish i had read this before summer started!

    Liked by 1 person

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