Stress Busters Unfolded!

All of us get caught up in our busy schedules trying to juggle between work and our personal routines, and find it hard to achieve work life balance. Not everyone takes time out of their schedules to get rid of all the stress they go through in their daily lives. People get stressed due to various reasons, but it could mostly be just because of the monotonous routines we end up following. There are many things we could do in order to unwind ourselves from the mess we get entangled in.

1.Sweat it out! I know I keep talking about this a lot, but it really helps, anything you could do to make yourself sweat, helps you calm down. To add to that it also releases a lot of impurities under our skin, keeping us fresh and glowing. You also end up spending time on yourself constructively. Additionally workouts release healthy endorphins that make people happier.

2. Clean and sparkle! This may sound different, but tidying up the place you live in can give you immense satisfaction, or maybe that’s just me :P. It also fills up your place with positive vibes. Keeping stuff organized on the outside helps me organize my thoughts on the inside as well. You get enough time to think while you’re at it, and you may end up finding that shirt you were always looking for.

3. Music heals! Playing your favorite tracks is something you can do anytime during the day and especially when you want to ignore any unnecessary noise or while traveling to work or to put yourself to sleep. It helps in both concentration and distraction depending on what you want. Music has been found to have an immense effect on our emotions and body, especially when we play something soothing.

4. Cook up a storm! Cooking is yet another hobby that helps in different ways. It’s like a form of art when you do it with interest. It helps you channel your stress into a creative outlet. You get to eat healthy home cooked food, try your favorite recipes and make them match your taste. Also, you get to enjoy the aroma fill up your place. The best part about cooking is that it requires complete manual effort. Although, it doesn’t help when it’s done under pressure.


5. Pack your bags and travel! Going to different places and changing scenery takes your mind completely away from your daily routine. You get to throw away your schedules, whether you’re relaxing on a beach or hiking on a mountain top or exploring a beautiful city. Visiting places also help understanding and appreciating different cultures and give you a broader perspective on life.

6. Doze off! At the end, relax and enjoy a peaceful sleep. No matter what happens during the day a good night’s rest will always refresh your senses and give you a fresh start for the next day.


We all our highs and lows every now and then. But it’s important we manage our time constructively without complaining about how little we get. These are just a few of the many steps one can take in order to loosen up. This would even help in improving efficiency at work. Good luck!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarvotam negi says:

    Nicely expressed…….


  2. kedawithani says:

    great list. I wish I could pack my bags and travel as easily as it’s stated. I agree, when I am stressed and I exercise it helps tremendously. Music….oh don’t get me started on music….


    1. I’m glad you liked the list


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