Be Free

There are a lot of things that don’t let a person be the best of themselves. More than the external influences, it could be our own perspective that might not be letting us enjoy our lives. We continuously complain about not having time for ourselves or being unable to do what we love. If nothing we’ve all complained about work at some point! Right?

However, there a few things that we might skip noticing about ourselves. For example, that cellphone we can’t seem to put aside, or living like that guy who earns a lot but only ends up counting his money. Or maybe just lying too much on sofa or couch. And then there are those who depend a lot on others for opinions and are trying to be like someone else. You also might have noticed some of your friends who keep comparing themselves with you instead of appreciating you. Basically, it includes all the time people spend when they’re not being constructive or productive. They somehow cannot figure out what might be going wrong.

All these actions make us think that our life is unfulfilled, that our day is incomplete, but we can’t understand what could fix it. Why live such a life, where you can’t understand why you feel caged. Make a list of things you want to do in your life and go for it. Life is short to impose too many rules on yourself, or fill yourself with doubts. The only one stopping us from moving forward or growing as a person is usually ourselves. If you want to explore the world, start with places around you. If you want to learn an instrument, keep an hour aside after work. If you want to go for adventure just pick one and go for it. Get rid of any apprehensions you might be having.

Get away from negativity. Find out what is keeping you from what you want and maintain distance from it. Ignore the kind of people who say that you can’t lift weights because you’re a girl or cook because you’re a boy. Ignore people who say you can’t do things only because you’re married (in case you are) or the ones who say you should, just because you’re getting “old”. Have your own opinions on matters that are important to you but also make sure you can justify yourself. Taking some personal space helps you decide what is it that’s going to make you happy. Stop putting too many buts and ifs in your sentences. Stop surrounding yourself with people who just complain rather than having a meaningful conversation.

Live your dreams, build on your passion, invest on experiences. Try to call inculcate the finest habits, including confidence, forgiveness, appreciation, being independent and most of all learning to manage yourself. Be free, be the best version of yourself and be happy. Give yourself wings and you can fly.


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  1. mrgoodquote says:

    Your pics were really good to look at … You broden my smile 😊
    Bdw you can have a look at some of my blogs as well hope you will enjoy the go through 😇


    1. Thanks, I’ll definitely check your blog

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  2. Ravi Shankarnarayana says:

    good perspective…….


  3. Mitali says:

    So true! Keep shining!!

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    1. Thanks Mitali 😊😊


  4. Seema says:


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    1. Thanks girl 😊😊😊


  5. Rupesh Nale says:

    Give yourself wings and you can fly. very Nice end… i like this article. Keep writing Dear!!!

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    1. Thanks a lot 😊😊


  6. lenaakatha says:

    Just love this so much! You are so inspiring😊

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    1. Thanks a lot 😊😊


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