Chasing your Bucket List

We all have a bucket list of goals we want to achieve. I was once a lazy day dreamer who would just watch people accomplish their goals and never took charge of my ambitions. Even when I wanted to

, I couldn’t understand how to get there. I then watched a few videos and read few articles that inspired me to have a list of my own. And I’m proud to say that I spent over a year fulfilling most of it. Here are a few items I’ve struck off my list…


Eating at an expensive restaurant, by yourself: Yep, I got dressed and decided to spend some quality time pampering myself with good food. Doing something alone does not mean that you’re lonely, but it means you’re that content with yourself. So I’m glad that I’m not one of those who cannot stand themselves.

Traveling with friends / Travelling solo: Traveling with friends is fun, nothing as great as catching up with an old pal. However, sometimes when you travel in a group, there is always that prick you would rather leave on the road. When you travel solo you take charge, everything is at your command, you can go around at your own speed or lie down for hours. You’re also forced to move out of your comfort zone and interact with strangers. Overall, traveling helps you grow as a person.

Taking a road trip: I had the most memorable road trip when I went to Jog Falls. Listening to our favorite tracks, clicking crazy pictures and sharing our embarrassing stories were some of the many unforgettable moments. However, the most entertaining part was when we got lost into a lonely quiet road, in the dark and landed into a Haveli, that had just one dim light on!!

Having an entire apartment to yourself: I’ve always wanted to stay all by myself, and it was the most awesome experience. Yeah, I was often asked few boring questions: Don’t you feel lonely? Don’t you get scared? Isn’t it too expensive? And my answer has always been a simple NO. It only gave me more time for myself, more freedom to do whatever I liked and most of all more respect from those who understood the meaning of personal space.

Watching sunrises and sunsets: I never missed a chance to do this whenever I traveled around. Whether I had to stay awake, all night or rise early in the morning, run 600 stairs up, or cross a few hills to watch it, I knew it was worth all the effort.

Pampering your parents: I loved that I got to spend quality time with my mum when she came over, I took her around, fed her a few local delicacies and gave her a break from her usual routine. She went back feeling relaxed and pampered.

Have a long conversation with a total stranger: This has happened oftentimes when I’ve traveled, I’ve had long conversations with people I would never meet again. It just helps getting to know the world better. And have I kept in touch with them? No. The whole point of having these talks is usually that you don’t expect anything in return. Just share your knowledge and say goodbye.

Set a goal and complete it: I made a huge list of goals I want to achieve in the near future whether its related to my health, my travel, trekking, running or my career and I’m all set to strike them off one by one.

Get fit: Err, I’ve been a little sloppy on this one lately, but I usually take part in a few challenging treks and marathons that get me back on track.

Hoping you all have a great year ahead, share positive vibes and shine brighter than you ever did. Do let me know if you require any suggestions achieving any of the goals mentioned above.


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  1. Jyotiprakash Parida says:



  2. frommyheart says:

    Simple but valuable things…


  3. Gaurav rai says:

    Nice one …


  4. twofoldchic says:

    This is amazing boss! I hope your bucket list grows and you strike them all off each year 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot girl 😀😀


  5. mygirlypedia says:

    I could connect to most of the points… I loved reading and I totally agree to what you have shared… ☺️


  6. Sanya says:

    Amazing bucket list.. I’ve added all of these to my bucket list!


    1. Thanks a lot, I’m so glad you’ve added most of them 😊😊😊


  7. TechFlax says:

    Seriously you had a great time and i also have same dreams. I will fulfill these soon


  8. Bhavana says:

    Nice write up Sudha.
    To love yourself is the best gift you can give.
    Even I’m crazy for sunsets & sunrises, don’t want to miss any chance.


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