Reasons to Trek

I’ve been traveling and trekking a lot more over the past year. Even though I don’t trek every other weekend, I was also newbie to the concept a few years back. I was supposed to go on another long trek this month, but sadly I couldn’t. However, that didn’t stop me from writing about it. When I see people asking questions like “How is trekking fun?” or “I don’t get the point of trekking “ and “ Isn’t it too strenuous?” I give them a big “No”, and I’d like to explain why…


The Best of Views:

Each experience gifts you with a great number of views, especially when you climb to the highest point. Once you get there you realize that there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in nature. Be it watching the sunset or sunrise, or just greenery of the mountains nearby its always a treat for your eyes.

Spending Time with Yourself:

It is good to stay away from the busy city life once a while. You might also learn how to keep your phone aside, even if you don’t, you won’t get any signal. Which means you would appreciate the simplest things in life much better like the chirruping of birds, the flowing water or a gentle breeze. You have no one to trouble you or judge you, and it would give you a huge sense of freedom.

Learning to Adjust:

After your first few treks, you would be amazed to notice how you might be able to manage with the least number of resources. Your body will learn to adapt to the most adverse situations. You would slowly realize what’s more important to you. You might also learn to get your priorities straight in your day to day routine.

Stress Buster:

When you’re closer to nature, you leave all your worries behind. If you join a group, you would meet people of all age groups, listen to their stories and learn about various aspects of life. Even if you don’t join a group you might come across a few locals staying at villages nearby, just looking at their innocence would help relieving your stress.

Adrenaline Rush:

Yep, some of the challenging treks might give a great amount of adrenaline rush. Be it hiking on a hill with a steep valley on one side, or taking part in activities like valley crossing, cliff jumping, rappelling you would feel the trill for a few minutes and relish it for a lifetime.

Sexy Legs:

Last but not the least your legs would get into amazing shape. After every challenging trek, you will notice changes in your body, the best being your legs. You test your fitness level at the maximum. You realize that better balance and flexibility are as important as cardio and strength training. It also helps a lot of people lose unnecessary weight.

So I’ll advise all of you to indulge in a decent amount of trekking this year rejoice in natural beauty, relish every moment and share your experiences.


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  1. Mitali says:

    So inspiring!!


  2. Gaurav rai says:

    It’s really very. Dear


  3. Gaurav rai says:

    It’s really very nice . Dear


  4. Jyotiprakash Parida says:



  5. Bhavana says:

    Really thoughtful!….I agree with all points you mentioned here …..keep exploring!


    1. Thanks a lot 😀😊


  6. I often times trek and each time I do, it’s always refreshing. I will try and do it more often. You’ve really inspired me. Thank you very much for sharing.


    1. It definitely is refreshing, keep going 👍🏻👍🏻


  7. Thoughtful, I being a trekking enthusiast can relate to this totally.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cool, glad to connect 😊


  8. Nomadosauras says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself 🙂
    Great writeup!
    Cheers & keep trekking!

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