Taking Charge

We’re already two months into this year, a lot of you must have planned your resolutions and so did I. In fact, I was so excited that mine were planned way back last year 😂. Even if you don’t have a resolution I’m here to guide you about making one, take charge and follow your dreams! Either that or sit around complaining or blaming others for your idle life. I realized there were a lot of habits that I developed which helped me plan and execute my goals, so let’s get started.

1. Make a list : Yep, no matter what you have in mind, jotting it down is your first step towards committing towards your goals. It doesn’t have to be just one target, it could be a multiple. It could be divided into long-term and short term. You could sort them out according to their level of importance. One could be specific; the other could be general. This has always helped not just in my planning, but it lifts your spirits when you strike things off later. Or wait, if that’s just me, do I have an OCD?

2. Solve the major questions How and When: Now you’re obviously going to start targeting the goals that are on top, so make sure you figure out how to achieve them first. Remember, time flies and we all only have one life, whatever it is that you really want, get to it ASAP. Postponing is my weakness, when I do that, I know that I might not be interested in that particular target after all.

3. Find out what stops you : Try to think about the reasons you could be held back and draw a line there, you want to stay away from any hindrance. It could be anything starting from some clutter around you to some person who could stop you. Or it could just be in your head. Make yourself a priority. Get rid of all the Ifs and Buts. Start saying, “I will” more. If finding company is a problem, be independent, but don’t stop yourself from getting there.

4. Plan, an executable one please: If you’ve gotten this far you need to plan. Now you don’t want to disappoint yourself if something comes in between, so make sure you include the chances of it going hither thither. Always include a plan B, C, D…. And so on.

5. Pick the right time: Okay, you’re almost there. You just need to choose an appropriate time during the year that you could devote to your journey (not literally, your goal could be anything in general). So make all the arrangements and prepare yourself accordingly.

6. Execute: Just follow your plan! As simple as this sounds, this is the most difficult part, many people stop right before getting here. And remember, don’t be afraid of failure, you can always jump to the other plans in case something doesn’t fall into place.

7. Accomplish : Flick your hair, bump a fist or pat yourself on your back and watch your dreams turn into reality. What do you do next? Well, don’t get too comfortable or carried away, set new targets, and work on your subsequent goal.


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  1. zahthinks says:



  2. Bhavana says:

    Helpful tips to remember every day


  3. pendantry says:

    It’s only when I got to #5 that I realised that maybe you were talking about planning a vacation, but this advice is good for life in general.

    Thanks for the tips!


    1. I did mean them in general not just a vacation.

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    2. pendantry says:

      Ah, my mistake then.


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