Girls, let’s Talk!

Has anyone ever stopped you from being the independent, strong headed, free spirited person you wanted to be? Has anyone tried to say that something’s not for you just because you’re a girl? Then let’s talk about it.

I’ve had a number of situations where people have unnecessarily given me their opinions or comments even when I’ve never asked for it. They can’t seem to watch us smile. And if you are an independent woman, you can totally relate to it.

Be like a girl!! How many times have people tried to point out the way you walk, talk or dress. If they feel like they might give you a bonus suggestion about your hobbies too.

Don’t go alone, you’re a girl!! I know we are, but seriously, we know how to take care of ourselves. I really know how to handle myself whether its 4am at night or 10 am in the morning. So if you please, teach those guys who make us feel unsafe how to stay within their limits.

You’re ageing, get married!!! Oh yeah that’s the most common one. You might get this suggestion from anyone starting from a total stranger to one of your friends or colleagues, including girls, who themselves might not be married. In my view, I believe that marriage is a personal choice. It cannot be a compulsion or a rule, and it cannot happen just because you have to.

You’re family is more important than your passion/ career! I get it; you need to make time for both, but again this is a personal choice. There are girls who don’t want to give up on their passion or dreams just because they might be having a child. We all have the same 24 hours, and girls, there are a number beautiful and strong headed women out there chasing their dreams even after having children.

Don’t lift weights!! I remember the first time I purchased a pair of dumbbells one of my colleagues said, “That’s not for girls.” I couldn’t help to laugh at the void she was living in. You can lift or exercise as much as you feel like, let the people staring or commenting get tired.

Do you drink? (smirk) How many times has a cheap guy assumed he has a chance with you just because you drink or live by yourself. Countless?

Girls, don’t let anyone or anything like this ever bring you down. Let’s celebrate each other, help ourselves become stronger individually and together. We’ve each been blessed with a lot of unique qualities, be proud of yourself. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Mitali says:

    So true , I can relate to every single point that you have raised . Let us all rise and help others rise.

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    1. Yeah exactly 😊


  2. Sujata says:

    This is so true we are judged allowed the time no matter what our age group is judgement are different for different age group but still it’s a judgement and we have to face it only because we are women’s. I have chosen my path and paid the cost of being myself and l don’t care who’s judging as long as l am happy. We should allow do it.

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    1. So true, let them keep judging…


  3. Nivetha says:

    Well said,So very true !!👏🏻
    We should bring a change !!

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  4. So very true. Great post:)

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  5. sunshinysa says:

    So sick of being told, “don’t do that, you are a girl!” Ugh. So I went ahead and did it anyway. Travelled to the North and South of India virtually by myself. ATE BY MYSELF and loved doing it too. I love myself, why would I not want to be with myself!
    PS, Love your profile picture. When I went there, I cried tears of joy and satisfaction.

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    1. So true, it takes a very secure and confident person to go somewhere by themselves. People need to respect that.

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    2. sunshinysa says:

      Exactly. Its all about self love, self respect and other people respecting other people. I had lunch in Kerala by myself, at a lakeside retreat. What a beautiful memory.

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  6. ankitaa01 says:

    So true.
    Mostly girls face these situations.
    I don’t know why people are so judgy.

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    1. Yeah, now my friends share this post when someone comments on them

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