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So the last time I was talking about my travel around the country I was bitten by the travel bug, and I started exploring places as much as possible. I was on my way to jog falls while publishing that post (link here). I figured out different ways to get myself out of the city during the weekends.


Now a lot of people have asked how I manage my time and leaves. Well yes, I do have a full-time job. The answer is simple; I schedule most of my trips around weekends, and I keep backup plans too. Most of the time I’m not taking leaves, particularly for short trips, even if they’re back to back. The tiresomeness and sleeplessness do get to me, especially when I sit at the office on a Monday morning. However, it’s a small price to pay for what I get in return.

A few months back I purchased a new camera. It has been a great companion during my journeys. It helped me share lots of stories. I visited around 18 places since the last travel bug post (not trips, don’t get me wrong) and learned a lot more about life and the lessons it has to offer.

I started taking more interest in planning trips. It started off when I planned my Coorg adventure last October. Soon after that I visited Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari for my birthday with my sister. Later, I kept trying to go to Hampi and Badami, and I finally made it there solo. I then went to Ooty and Mysore to fulfill my wish to see the Mysore palace from Chamundi hills and with lights during the new year.


I then set off to one of my most exiting trips in the recent past. Initially, it was a group trip but due to unfortunate reasons (ditched), turned out that I was going solo. After two sleepless nights and extreme anxiety, I planned the entire 12-day trip to Rajasthan and Agra. And oh I didn’t mention the solo part to a lot of people who might be finding out about that right now 😬. Eventually, everything went smooth and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life where I visited seven places in Rajasthan, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. And for those of you who ask why solo? Well to me its more important to visit places and go on adventures when I have the time, rather than whine about finding no company later.


After recovering from a bad cold and all the fatigue, I joined an old group for adventure sports and a visit to Goa. I experienced scuba diving for the first time. I also got caught by the traffic police for the first time, who let us go around without license and later even helped us when we were caught again. I then explored Ajanta and Ellora with two amazing friends. Learning about the history, sculpture and the progress people made ages ago was breathtaking.


Our country is full of diverse cultures, traditions and art. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to explore, appreciate and experience different architectures, sculptures and landscapes. Whether it’s the mesmerizing Taj Mahal or the paintings on caves in Ajanta or the beautiful sceneries at Coorg and Ooty. Anyone who wants to do the same should go ahead. I would be happy to help. Enthusiastically waiting to write again after few more adventures.


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  1. Ravi S says:

    Thats a good narrative travellogue. And u have covered a lot good places within a year. Salute that travel spirit of urs.

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  2. but don’t you feel unsafe travelling alone and what measures would you suggest for other girls who want to explore the country like you do.


    1. Thanks for asking, you can check my last post here:
      As for safety, you usually finish your sightseeing during daytime, max by 6pm. So its safe. As of 2018 ( or even since 2015 when Ola and Uber got popular maybe) tourist places are much safer than people imagine. Hosteling help finding company if you still don’t want to go around completely solo.


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