Summer Saviours

The summers tend to drain your energy when you’re out and electricity bills when you stay in 😬. Sometimes it could get really exhausting to tolerate the summer heat. I often try to stay away from the sun, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. So here are a few suggestions to make the best out of the summer.

Drink up!!

Coconut water, lemonade, buttermilk, sugarcane and raw mango juices are few of the many alternatives you could use to keep yourself hydrated. Few other things you could do are to add electrolytes to your water or add chia seeds to chilled milk and have them at least once a day. You can even add fenugreek seeds to your regular water bottle to avoid bloating.

Shades please!

You need to take sun protection seriously. So don’t forget to carry your shades and a scarf or an umbrella when you do go out. You could also try a light summer jacket. If you cannot carry them, prefer wearing lighter coloured clothes and walk near a shaded path whenever possible. And add that SPF wherever you can!

No to the midday!!

If you’re like me, you would be indoors when it’s sunny outside. So you could plan all of your important work earlier in the morning or later during the evenings. If you do end up going out in the scorching heat, remember to hydrate.


Travel with precaution!!

I particularly cannot stop traveling just because it’s too hot. So choose your destination accordingly. You could prefer a cozy hilltop on an early morning or evening at the beach. Check the temperature estimates for your destination, that way you can keep yourself mentally prepared. Sometimes it does get cloudy and save your day. On other days, you just need to be quick with your sightseeing or bear with the tan.


Now if you do get sunburned or tanned in a way you don’t like it, there are a number of easy alternatives to overcome the problem. Carry aloe vera gel with you and apply on the affected areas. Use chickpea flour with lemon, curd or rose water soothe your skin. A good sandalwood face mask would help you get rid of any sun damage to the skin, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Head to the pool!!

It’s the best time to pick up those running shoes or even better bring out that swim wear. You could pull your family and friends along with you. Nothing feels as good as getting back into shape after a lazy winter. Since swimming has low impact stress, you could shed extra pounds without realizing it. However, in case, you don’t have access to a pool, running is a great option too, since you’ll be able to sweat more within the same distance, you could achieve results much faster.

You could also take up a hobby like gardening, or pick one of your grandma’s old recipes to make pickles, or get back to read your favourite novels. So go ahead and beat the heat with these suggestions.


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  1. Mitali says:

    I am gonna try those tan mask mix now. Keep writing such informative articles \.. /


    1. Sure, hope it works


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