Be a Child Again

As children, we used to enjoy and play around all the time, unless you were given a phone at the age of five. It was not a spell cast within the amusement parks or playgrounds that used to make us have fun, its just about our perspective. So why not go back there and enjoy moments like we used to.

Don’t forget to live the moment:

This happens with me too I sometimes get so busy planning my future that I forget to enjoy my present. We never used to do that as kids. It’s important to live, appreciate and enjoy the current moment as much as possible.

Try something new:

As children, we were always learning something new everyday. Whether it was a tactic while playing a game or a form of art. I remember when people would ask me what I wanted to be in life, it would change every month because I would be filled new ideas everyday.

Step out of your comfort zone:

As adults, we always run after stability and growth. Its okay to take risks once a while. Try some adventurous activity you never thought you would go for or move to a new city. After all life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Smile more:

As children, we would smile, laugh and giggle so much more than we do now. It helps us think positive, reduces stress and releases endorphins. Laughing sends more oxygen to the brain, so what are you waiting for? Hope you’re smiling already!

Admire your surroundings:

We’re so caught up on our phones and tablets that we forget to watch a bunch of ants carry food around or admire the birds’ singing or or just notice the scenery when we’re traveling around. Remember how we used to try to catch ladybugs?


Whether its a tiny tree or a huge mountain once you accomplish it, you feel like you run the world. I still enjoy climbing up a hill, barely stopping no matter how tiring it gets.


One of my most useful stress relieving habits is to jump around. Alternatively, if you like dancing you could do that too. As kids, we would always jump out of excitement or happiness, we can still do that.

Have a dessert:

Remember how chocolates or ice creams (or waffles these days) were huge a treat when we had no money to buy them? So treat yourself something sweet once a while and when you do, don’t worry about smearing it all over your face, you can wipe that off later.

Hope this helped you revisit some of your childhood memories.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pushkaraj Kalsulkar says:

    Amazing ! Keep it up !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mandar says:

    Another great article! It’s blissful to be as curious and carefree, as we were in our childhoods. That sort of wonderment makes our journey through this world all the more fascinating.

    BE HERE NOW. That’s all there is, this moment. ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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