New Year Resolution Ideas

Its almost that time of the year where everyone’s going to disclose their stocked pile of plans for the new year. Either that or you’ve already given up on setting targets. I’ve had a fairly decent year, even though I haven’t achieved all of my goals I’ve worked hard enough to reach closer to each and every one of them. So I’ll be sharing some recommendations to consider before you plan on making ( or throwing away ) your list.

1) Sustainable Habits

Before you take up a new habit, just determine whether you could follow it for a lifetime. Try to estimate if it will help you in the long run.

Exercise is one such thing that has stayed with me throughout this year, well I’ve had my breaks for about a week or two, but I never took it up as something I wanted to do just for a few days. This is something I would want to keep for a lifetime.

So either pick up a book, move more, start a new hobby or just restart your old one. Get going!

2) Mark your Calendars

Travel is one such goal that requires you to check the weeks or weekends where you would want to keep yourself free.

I’m one of the first few people to make my plans as soon as I have the next holiday calendar. So far, I already have tentative plans until April.

So whether you want to travel, just catch up with your friends, keep some time for yourself or mark your goals, make sure you’ve planned ahead.

3) Get yourself Organised

Well, this could refer to the clutter around you or in your head. Keep it clear. You don’t want to carry unnecessary baggage into the next year.

This habit has helped me stay positive throughout the year, although, at times, even I’m still a work in progress.

So get rid of all the clutter, improve your focus, surround yourself with vibrant people and watch a blissful year unveil itself in front of you.

4) No more Procrastination!

Oftentimes, I meet a lot of people who complain about being unable to live their dreams or work towards their targets, but they somehow have the time to come up with lame excuses.

Take examples of people who have lesser time than you but are still getting there in life.

Keep lesser to complain about and more to thankful for. If you want to work towards your dreams start right away, not tomorrow or the next Tuesday or the month after that.

5) Be Kinder and Wiser

Appreciate your surroundings and more importantly treasure yourself. Its not very complicated to be thankful for what you have. I somehow cannot stand people who are impolite and spiteful. They’re the ones who’re insecure with themselves.

There’s nothing wrong in being polite to the poor, grateful to your parents or sharing with your friends.

So if it helps start meditation or yoga, you could even maintain a diary, spend more time in nature, express gratitude, pay a few compliments, etc.

I know its a cliche to make resolutions. However, its not a bad idea after all. You want to be more peaceful and positive in life? This is where you need to start, by loving yourself the way you are and improving every single day. So have a great year ahead!


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  1. Nice blog, will surely work on the recommendations!! Keep inspiring keep motivating!!

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  2. RitaPais says:

    Great post! Totally aggree with your recommendations. For me it is also helpful to write down the goals and why am I doing it. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool even I write them down 😀

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