Looking at the Bright Side

The year had a slow start. I’ve been overwhelmed with all the thoughts I’ve been having since the beginning of this year. I’m not sure if I’m overreacting but there’s so much I want to do in general, and before I turn 30, it makes me panic occasionally. However, I forgot to look back at the last year and reflect on the few personal milestones that I conquered.

Travelled across 12 states or as google puts it… 104 places, 45 cities and 1 country. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly it might have crossed your mind that I travel a lot 😬. Although I’m on a break right now I do plan on setting off on new ventures soon.

I ran over a 1000 km. I did take into a lot of running be it during the hot sunny days, the pouring rains or the intolerable October heat. I ran 585 km on my Nike app and over 500 km otherwise. Excluding my untracked mileage on the treadmill, that was a hell lot of running compared to any other period in my life. And oh, I cycled a decent amount too over 500 km.

Lifted weights. Weight training was never my forte, but I went up to 90 pounds in squats, 70 in deadlifts and a lot more personal bests in the other exercises too. It improved my posture, made feel stronger and more confident than ever. I would recommend it to every other woman who wants similar results.

I didn’t get unwell, except the one or two times I caught a cold; I had a relatively healthy year. The only sick leaves I took were to roam around. The other benefit was that I was more productive at work. This even helped me with the first three milestones mentioned here. I also didn’t fall prey for any diet trend. I just stuck to simple regular food as far as possible.

Scuba dove for the first time in my life at Tarkali, Maharashtra, and the second time at Havelock in Andaman. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences. The second time I went for it, I played with the fishes, watched bunches of them pass by, and I even dived all by myself for a while when I was 10 feet under water.

Apart from all this, I’ve been contributing more at online forums, sharing my knowledge to help people, especially related to traveling and trekking. I also helped few of my friends who had fitness goals. I’m currently taking a breather and enjoying life in my sweatpants, but I have new targets for this year and going further I’ll be contributing more.


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