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I recently promised that I would write a QnA post, and here it is. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it.

Hmmm, sad story, I almost wound up having a slip disc by the end of last year, after which I had been on a two-month break from travel, running and heavy exercises in general . Currently, I’ve recovered 80%, so when I’m completely sure I will get back on the road 😀. Until then, I’m on a break from actual running.

Haha, already lived that (for a brief period)! Waking up one day realizing I couldn’t travel or run. Nevertheless, now that I went through it, I realised it wasn’t that bad.

Any exercise that gets done is a good exercise. Currently, I’m into some amount of treadmill running and swimming. I do add in yoga whenever possible. Last year, I was a morning person, but ever since I started swimming I’ve switched to evenings. Luckily, my work timings allow me to spare an hour or so for workouts. However, I’m just someone who can’t survive for long without exercise.

Difficult to choose, each experience has had its own value, although my trek at Sarpass was the most beautiful. Does that count as favourite?

I work at a service-based software company as a UI developer. I’ve got around eight years of experience.

I’m hoping Sikkim and few parts of West Bengal. I’m yet to plan though 😬.

Well, my biggest obstacle was to be regular. I still struggle with it at times. When I started blogging I never wanted it for monetary benefits, I wanted to write even if it inspires or helps just one or two people. However, what I wanted more was not to lose the practice of writing. The only way I could keep myself regular was to plan my posts in advance. Even so, I recently realised its not necessary to act like I’ve got everything together even when I don’t, so I did take a short break for over a month. Too much info? 🤐

1: Whether you pack light or heavy, always keep your hands (and mind) free. Just so you can make way in a crowd, pick up a doughnut and a coffee or just jump a railing.

2: Book your to and fro tickets in advance, when the prices are low, the rest can be done later.

3: Ladies, carry self-defence. Gentlemen, don’t make us use them.

I do the usual. I check my holiday calendar, mark places to visit and start booking. If I need to compensate somehow at work, I do that too so that I can keep traveling.

I might have mentioned my job and exercise somewhere in this post, apart from that I trek around the Sahyadris, eat popcorn and watch movies, cook, daydream, wander, dunno if those count?

I never grew up wanting to be like someone else. I constantly kept aiming to be a better version of myself and still do. So I don’t have any role model per say, but I take inspiration from people who stay humble.

I’m not sure why this question keeps popping up 🤔, although I had already written about it in one of my previous post A Tale of Different Cities.


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    Very inspiring 😘

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