Tricks for your Next Itinerary

At times when we travel we’re drained out either financially or physically, so here are a few suggestions to avoid that.

Booking Tips

  • Turn on private browsing while booking flights, buses, etc online, to avoid fluctuating prices due to cached history.
  • If you’re a frequent flyer consider getting a membership for an airline or a website or a credit card that is beneficial to you. You could use it for lounge access during layovers and delays.
  • Request for a window seat if you’re visiting someplace for the first time, e.g.: Leh, Andaman, Kutch, Vizag, etc and treat yourself with a free birds’ eye view.

Airport Fixes

  • You could postpone your last-minute shopping and check in early so you could shop at the airport, especially if its something really necessary or a gift that you’re buying at MRP.
  • Stuck due to a flight delay? Read a book, write an article or see if you could constructively utilize your time instead of waiting around.
  • Carry an empty bottle (if possible a small planet friendly one) and a high-calorie snack. You could fill water later at the airport instead of carrying too much or spending unnecessarily.

Sightseeing Hacks

  • Keep a handbag/ backpack that fits your camera or a camera bag that fits your stuff, you can have a matching accessory and all the pictures you want.
  • If you’re running out of battery charge on your camera or phone, keep it in a warm pocket. Body heat works wonders.
  • Before starting any trip figure out if the place has your mobile network else search for it on maps and type “ok map” to download your map offline.
  • Always carry a mini tripod stand, especially if you’re traveling solo. It’s handy to capture time-lapses too.
  • Try to mix and match clothes to give you different looks and keep your luggage light.

Trekking Ideas

  • If you’re planning a long trek around a new place, you could also spare a few days for sightseeing.
  • Trekking gear can always be rented out if you don’t want to carry too much luggage. However, you could consider gearing up incase you’re a frequent trekker.
  • Going for a hike is the best way to spend time with yourself and nature, so don’t miss out on that.

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